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Friday, July 29, 2011


Fat remix! Grab it, period.


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Mele Beats - Vectors (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)

Not only is he one of the best producers and dj:s around. The Phantom's Revenge has also the funniest twitter-feed in dance music. Probably the music industry, period. Actually, his tweets are funnier than the most so... well you get the jist of it. Don't forget to grab a copy of his latest bootleg on you way out to the rest of the interwebz.

Melee Beats - Vectors (The Phantom's Revenge Remix) by The Phantom's Revenge

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Broombeck - Fips /Retrofuture EP Preview

Time to wash my ears, and why not with some quality tech?

Broombeck - Fips/Retrofuture EP [kiddaz071] by Broombeck

// Kasp (Orphans)

Matanza - Temazcal (Hat+Hoodie Remix)

Our homies in Hat+Hoodie are talented and diverse djs, they have many, many sides to their production styles, all of them are awesome, but this is probably the mode I like the most! Have a huge crush on this track!

Matanza - Temazcal (Hat+Hoodie Remix) by Hat+Hoodie

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Beni - It's A Bubble (Round Table Knights Remix)

Dunno why i didn't blog this earlier, but this track proves, once again, why RTK must be concidered one of the most talented production teams in the universe.

Beni - It's A Bubble (Round Table Knights Remix) by Round Table Knights

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Stinj - Girls Of My Heart EP

The 12-3 sister-label DBTY Records drops this gem next week, preview it here. I'm featured with a remix, enjoy!

DBTY Records #14: Stinj - Girls Of My Heart EP - DROPS 01-08-2011 by DBTY

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bobmo - "Deadpoint"

I'm not totally sold on Bobmo's latest ep, The Cliff. But man, at least 2 out of 4 track deliver some true terrificness. Case in point:

// Kasp (Orphans)

Released today: Sticky & Sandy - Voodoo EP

Second ep from production team Sandy Loops and Sticky Stockholm dropped today, do not miss out!

Buy it on iTunes.

Selected dj-feedback and support:

Jack Posada:
"Wicked track guys...I dont fee alone anymore as Im finishing a similar kind of track! Keep m' coming!"

"Hey Sticky! Hey Sandy! .. love it!"

"Funky tunes you guys, Voodoo is super scary but cool!"

Orphans STHLM:
"Sjukt fett! Två riktigt bra och kontrasterande låtar!"

Le Baron De France:
"Hey! is really nice!!!"


DJ duo and production team Sticky & Sandy (Sticky Stockholm and Sandy Loops) are back with their second ep!

Two tracks that differ in style, but keeps a red line through their shared vision of what house music is all about: dance floor friendly, creative and loads of fun.

A-side Voodoo blends a deep, massive production and a restless bassline with one obscure sample, cut up, flipped and reversed over the track. If New Orleans was a house song, this is what it would sound like.

Second track Hey is playful, resting on a nostalgic sax-sample, a varying multilayered beat and two voice samples speaking to each other.

Check it!

#013: Sticky & Sandy - Voodoo EP by 12-3 Recordings

// 12-3 Recordings

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pattern Select - Tale of the Tape Ep

Some downtempo scary moods in this one. It's like a ghost house (hahahahahahaha! Get it? Ghosts are scary, and it's house music. Ghost House hahahahahahaha!!1!!1!).

Pattern Select - Tale Of The Tape EP by miltonjackson
// Kasp (Oprhans)

TEETH - Care Bear (LOL Boys Remix)

Super wierd and super awesome - the Lol Boys in full effect!

TEETH - Care Bear (LOL Boys Remix) by LOL Boys

// Sticky

Tsuba Loves... Justin Drake sampler

Some deep, deep, deep house coming up. Don't mention it.

Tsuba Loves...Justin Drake Sampler by Tsuba

//Kasp (Orphans)

Beatrage - "There's no Need for Murder"

Work in progress coming at us from Beatrage. And being the moviebuff I am, this one finds it's way to my hips immediately (and you know what they say about hips and lies).

There's no Need for Murder - Allen Walker? Help Me, man! by Beatrage

// Kasp (Orphans)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Together - "Together (Les Loups' In Colour Rework)"

Usually I like remixes and re-edits that sound totally diffrent from the originals. But seeing as Roulé's catalog has yet to make it into digital form (yeah, I know that there are vinyl rips out there, but unfortunately the quality is extremly varied) this bootleg rework/re-polish is godsent. And a great use of a sample from an underrated movie.

Together (DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter) - Together (Les Loups' In Colour Rework) - Bootleg by Les Loups

// Kasp (Orphans)

PS. The sampled movie is Pleasantville, if you're wondering. Hence the "in colour"-sufix DS.

Manjane - "Do The Dishes"

Been keeping an eye on Disco Zoo. Their latest release, "Do The Dishes" by Manjane, doesen't disappoint.

Manjane - Do the Dishes (SOON) by DiskoZoo Records

// Kasp (Orphans)

Justin Nemesis - "house is... Wha Happin"-mix

Hot damn, this is groovy.

house is... Wha Happin by justinnemesis

// Kasp (Orphans)

Homework - Black Jukebox 01 EP

Limited release from our favorites Homework coming your way. It's a split togheter with Doctor Dru & Adana Twins, and you'll find the Homework tracks on the b-side. "Lenny" which samples Lenny Kravitz "I belong to you", has made the rounds on the interwebz for quite some time now, but "Love Ray" is spanking new (as far as I know at least).

Black Jukebox 01 (vinyl only - Exploited, 2011) by Homework

// Kasp (Orphans)

Pirupa - Summer 2011 Promo Mix

Huge, awesome and sweet summer mix, free to download, from the always magic Pirupa!

Pirupa Summer 2011 Promo Mix (Free Download) by Pirupa (official profile)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Leg-No - Flauto EP

Berlin based, and Italian dj-mastermind Leg-No drops one banging ep on his Be Bonkerz Label, do not miss this one out! On Beatport now!

Leg-No - FLAUTO EP - BBZ007 (OUT JULY 22nd) by Leg-No

// Sticky

Atapy - Move Baby EP

File this under soulfull minimalism.

Atapy - Move Baby by cimelde records
//Kasp (Orphans)

Riton - Time EP

It's like a creepy techno jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.

RITONTIME001 by Riton

// Kasp (Orphans)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Preview: Sticky & Sandy - Voodoo EP

Boom! New release coming hard on 12-3! Check this preview, and cop it when it drops next week!

#013: Sticky & Sandy - Voodoo EP - [PREVIEW] by 12-3 Recordings

// 12-3 Recordings

Basement Jaxx vs. Metropole Orkest

This is just outright bizarre.

Remember back in -99 when Metallica seemed to be loosing ground with their core fan base (this was before the whole Napster ordeal and James Hetfield going to rehab, mind you. So the shit hadn't really hit the proverbial fan yet)? Where could they possibly go, both artistically and commercially, to reconquer the world and wash away the crappy aftertaste of their last three studio albums? Why, making new live versions of all the classics BUUUUUUUUTT... with a symphonic orchestra.

So basically, it was "baaaaatteerrriijjjahhhhh". But with strings.

And in a way that seems like a logical next step for a rock band. But for a dance music act? Call me sceptical. And Basement Jaxx teaming up with a symphonic orchestra won’t convince me. It didn’t in February when they had the actual concert, and it doesn’t now when the album of aforementioned concert is being released. As much as it might sound like a quirky experiment, it just kills the tunes for me in a way similar too when video game soundtracks get a symphonic make over.

Or even worse; when rock songs are pimped out techno style. Now that is some horrendous shit, right there.

But just for shits and giggles, here you go. An orchestral rendition of "Red Alert":

// Kasp (Orphans)

GMGN - "La Noix De Coco (Pardon My French Remix)"

Out on friday, this one is. And boy is it fun. Simple and bouncy. Sometimes that's all you need.

GMGN - La Noix De Coco (Pardon My French Remix) OUT FRIDAY! by gmgndjs

// Kasp (Orphans)

Modek - "Une Belle Surprise"

Haven't heard about Modek before, but from what I have learned in the 15 minutes since I stumbled upon this track he's releasing a new EP on Bronson Records in September. While the EP sounds like something from the BNR-camp, this one right here samples... march music. Can't for the life of me figure out why this one isn't on the EP. But free downloads are always a nice gesture.

Une Belle Surprise by Modek
//Kasp (Orphans)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Benzido - "Musique Non Stop" (Donatz Remix)

A tech house tune that lets the synths and pads cover the techno part of the genre monkier, cut off by one of the funkiest basslines I've heard in a long time.

Benzido - Musique non stop (Donatz Remix) preview by canyoufeelitrecords

// Kasp (Orphans)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Radio Slave - "Suffa Groove"

This is what it's all about, people. This is what every house producer is constantly looking for - The Groove. The pure essence of house music.

Radio Slave found it and spun it into one hell of a banger.


// Andy (Orphans)

MOWGLI - I Gotta Feeling / La Lokomotiva (&ME Remix)

New Ep coming from one of my absolute faves! Mogwli drops another big one, buy it and support him!

MOWGLI - I Gotta Feeling / La Lokomotiva rmx by Mowgli

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Alexandre Louvré - "Turn Me On!"

Not a month goes by without supertaletend Alexandre Louvré having a new treat to go around.
Alexandre Louvré - Turn Me On! (Teaser) by Alexandre Louvré

//Kasp (Orphans)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marble Players - "Let you Go" Video

I don't think anyone in the 12-3 Sounds posse would disagree with me when I say that Marble is one of the best labels out there right now. And to prove it, they've just released a video for Marble Players "Let You Go". Directed by Lol Boys in what looks like Second Life it's brings you that nostalgic feeling of early computer generated music videos, waaay before polygons became the video game industry's new BFF.

Oh, and the track is incredibly bouncy too, which helps.

// Kasp (Orphans)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Earl da Grey - "Jumbo"

Dunno 'bout you. But I could really do with some filtered house craziness that goes sometinhg like "BOOM TSS TSS TSS TSS".

Jumbo by Earl Da Grey

// Kasp (Orphans)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aclblxxx - "Fuck Yonkers"

Fantastic remix/bootedit of Tyler The Creators "Yonkers". Just lovin' the cut up voice samples and cheesy pads in this one that still retain the ominous darkness of the original.
// Kasp (Oprhans)

Frank Agrario - Pineapple Mixtape

More soothing and relaxed tunes preferably in a continuous mix? That can be arranged.
Kasp (Orphans)

Fergus - Hijacked Funk EP

This one lands in boderlands between the most laidback kind of funky jackin' house and tech house. Dj Sneaky-ish, if you catch my drift. Fantastic.

JTT008- Fergus- Hijacked Funk EP by Jump To This
// Kasp (Orphans)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

DJ Sneak - Southern Boy (Jesse Rose Remix)

Big tune!

DJ Sneak - Southern Boy (Jesse Rose Remix) by jesseroseofficial

// Sticky

Disco Ball'z - "Music Trance"

Just looking at the waveform makes you think "yep, this has gotta to be some funky disco".
Disco Ball'z - Music Trance (Original Mix) by Disco Ball'z
//Kasp (Orphans)

Audionite - "Kling Klong / Absurde / 187 / Hyperlove"

...and BNR Trax continues to release awesomely crazy stuff. Case in point; the newest release by Berlin stationed producer Audionite. Did somebody say "BOOM!"?

//Kasp (Orphans)

Strip Steve - 2011 Summer Nights Mix

Exquisite summer house on a stick, this. Strip Steve delivers the mix for all those mad beach parties and poolside extravaganza.

Strip Steve 2011 Summer Nights mix by Strip Steve

// Andy (Orphans)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Released today: Orphans STHLM - Eavil EP

It's a celebration! The long anticipated second ep from Orphans STHLM is released today - Three banging tracks to pick up!

Buy it on iTunes!

Selected dj-feedback and support:

Dakunt (Get Flavor):
"Nice release, i'm on the pleasure machine."

Neitee & Yeutta:
"Always support!"

Max Le Daron:
"Great release!! Love it!"

"Great as always!!!"

Sandy Loops:
"Shit vad bra! Heeeeelt galet bra!"


So here it is, and available in a digital music store of your choice (well, not really, but a couple at least). Orphans STHLM are proud to present Eavil EP - three major bangers suited up in different style.

It starts of rather old school with the title track, driven forward by ultra-nerdy samples that pay homage to obscure horror movies from the 80's and a heavy set of toms.

Followed by Pleasure Machine, a comfy yet brisk creation. It's percs and odd voice samples in a peculiar mix. And yeah, it's also a celebration of obscure 80's movies.

Beezus is... well... it's Eavil's and Pleasure Machine's noisy and boisterous (but in it's own way charming) cousin.

#012: Orphans STHLM - Eavil EP by 12-3 Recordings

Also - don't forget to pick up this free and dope mix from the Orphans:

Balanga Megamix vol. 17: Mixtape of the Ninja by orphanssthlm

// 12-3 Recordings

Heartik - Circus Rehearsals EP

Heartik serves up som classy tech on his latest release, Circus Rehearsals. And he totally nails it with Picadilly Circus.

HEARTIK - Circus Rehearsals EP (GSR123) by Great Stuff
// Kasp (Orphans)

Testarossa - "Drive My Body"

Swedish disco maestro extraordinarie whips up a dark and brooding techno piece. Lovley!

Testarossa - Drive My Body by Testarossa

// Kasp (Orphans)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homemade Daft Punk dance video

I'm not saying the animated original video is bad. In fact it's awesome. Nonetheless, this would have been a good plan b.

// Kasp (Orphans)

Attack Yourself! - "Power Moves"

Gonna have to keep an eye on Attack Yourself!, from now on. His newest track, "Power Moves" is out now on the "Da Movelt Posse Episode 4"-comp. in select digital music stores (don't play coy with me, you know wich ones I mean).

Anyways, here you go:

...and here's a preview of an upcoming track, "Tropicana (I'm Into this)". Sounds promising:
Attack Yourself! - Tropicana by Attack Yourself!
// Kasp (Orphans)

Liviu Groza - "Quarters"

The pads and melodies are killing me! Some solid deep techno right here!

//Kasp (Orphans)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Munk - Mis Labios

Dope track!

// Sticky

Marcus Gehring - "On a Trip"

There's like a million things happening in this one, and they're all awesome.

UYS006 A Marcus Gehring - On a Trip by MarcusGehring

// Kasp (Orphans)

Teensnake - "Something About You"

I read somewhere that this is "deep chord house". Never heard aboaut that genre before, but I like it.

// Kasp (Orphans)

LBCK - "Instant Party (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)"

Whereas the original really doesn't do it for me, France's own The Phantom's Revenge remix of it certainlly does. Exit; generic fizzyling and distorted electro house. Enter; a massive wall of electric pianos (they just scream "haaauuuusss", don't they?) and a killer beat.
LBCK - Instant Party (The Phantom's Revenge Remix) by La Valigetta

// Kasp (Orphans)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Look Like - Buggin

Get Flavor keeps putting out those dope beats!

Look Like-Buggin (Original Mix) by get flavor records

Green Velvet & Russoul - "Mille Vanille"

Though the lyrics might not be as laugh out loud hillarious as for example "The Stalker" and "Answering Machine", "Millie Vanillie" is still up to par with Green Velvets other classics thanks to an infectious melody and simple yet classy beats.

// Kasp (Orphans)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Night Drugs - Higer EP

This one is bound to be a classic! Great stuff from our french friends!

Night Drugs "Higer" EP by get flavor records

// Sticky

Harry Manfredini - "Theme from Friday the 13th part III"

It's summer. Which means summer camps. Which in turn leads me to think about psychos in hockey masks disembowelling skinny dipping cheerleaders and decapitating their jock boyfriends.

Everybody’s like "Yeah I just love anything John Williams does! Or that tune from The Rock. You know, the one that goes "dadadadadaaadaaa dadadadadaaadaaa".

And I'm like "Take these two rusty nails. Hold one in each hand, between the index finger and thumb in front of your eyes. The slam your head into table. Repeat if not dead".

// Kasp (Orphans)

P.S Mental note: must make bootleg remix of this tune. D.S

Daft Punk - Burnin' (Les Loups' Bruit Infrenal Mix)

Many have tried, few have suceeded. But here it is: In the year of 2011 - a Daft Punk-remix that actually bring some freshness to the original masterpiece. It's a proper summer-funk-disco-monster!

Daft Punk - Burnin' (Les Loups' Bruit Infernal Mix) - Bootleg by Les Loups

// Andy (Orphans)

Axel Boman - Europa

Huge ep coming from Stockholm-dj and rising star Axel Boman, full support of course, this is magic, as always.

Axel Boman - Europa (snippets) by Studio Barnhus

// Sticky

Noir & Haze - "Around (Solomun Vox Remix)"

Just as I was thinking to myself, "hmm, something laidback with vocals and nice synt stabs would make my day", I stumble across this jewel.

Noir and Haze - Around (Solomun Vox) 128kbit - Noir Music by Noir

// Kasp (Orphans)

Pirupa & Albert Marzinotto - Mexican EP

Pirupa has risen to be one of the most qualitative, dependable and productive producers in the international house scene, all this in avery short time. This ep for Pauls Boutiqe does not dissapoint, it's all there, from the funky bassline to the on point voice sample. Check it!

Pirupa & Albert Marzinotto - Mexican EP (incl. Aldo Cadiz Remix) by Pirupa (official profile)

// Sticky

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jens Bond & Blome - "Voice Matters (Onno Remix)"

Deep and weird = recepie for terrificness!

Bond & Blome - Voice Matters (Onno Rmx) Short Preview - Senzen 2 by Benno Blome

// Kasp (Orphans)

J Paul Getto - "Destination"

– Excuse me, would you like some funky discohouse to go with that frozen mojito?

– I think i would.

J PAUL GETTO - Destination (Original Mix) ***out July 14 2011 on Beatport*** by J Paul Getto

// Kasp (Orphans)

High Powered Boys - "The Machine"

I just can't get enough of High Powered Boys. Lucky for me (and you, yeah YOU) they're constantly churning out new tunes, like this beauty from the Revolver Flavour comp.

So yeah. It's all kinds of awesome. Again.

// Kasp (Orphans)

Babylon (Sticky Stockholm Remix)

I whipped together this bootleg last week, and now it's up for free dl, so get it while it's fresh!

Congorock w. Mr Lexx - Babylon (Sticky Stockholm Remix) by Sticky Stockholm

// Sticky

Canblaster - Totem

Marble keeps drenching us in great music, this is weirdly fantastic!

(MRBL006) Canblaster - Totem by Marble Music

// Sticky