Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Leg-No & Look Like - Jucy Lucy EP

Huge ep coming from two of my fave producers at the moment, some sweet vibes and mos def for the dance floor - im featured with a remix as well. Check it - it drops the 23rd of september!

Leg-No & Look Like - Jucy Lucy EP - BBZ009 (OUT SEPTEMBER 23rd) by Leg-No

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Preview: Burundanga - Sounds From The Colombian Jungle EP

This beauty drops on 12-3 in a week! Great one coming from Colombian/Australian dj Burundanga - a two track gem!

#016: Burundanga - Sounds From The Colombian Jungle EP - [PREVIEW - Drops 07092011] by 12-3 Recordings

Ontario - Ey Shuno (Sticky Stockholm Remix)

I've made a new bootleg! Went a little bit deeper than usual with selected parts of the Ontario original Ey Shuno - free dl!

Ontario - Ey Shuno (Sticky Stockholm Remix) by Sticky Stockholm

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

AM Track - The Insomnia Edit

Dope edit from the Berlins Am Track, we'll be keeping an eye on them!

Am Track - Insomnia (Edit) 07:34 by Am Track

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Lovebirds - "Don't give a shit"

Just... wow. You know?

Honeybadger Don´t Give A Shit by lovebirds

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Pirupa - Raw Orbit / In The Morning (Somero 2011 / Cecille Records)

As you all know, i love pretty much everything Pirupa does, true house music craftmanship if you ask me. So to no surprise, i find his release for Cecille Records crazy good. A bit deeper than usual, but fantastic as ever.

Pirupa - Raw Orbit / In The Morning (Somero 2011 / Cecille Records) by Pirupa (official profile)

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Stereo Express - La Vie En Rose / Confession EP

It's friday and I'm in the mood for some organic sounding tech. German label Shaker Plates will do just nicley, with their latest release "La Vie En Rose / Confession" by Stereo Express.

Shaker Plates SHPL009 - Stereo Express La Vie En Rose / Confession by SHAKER PLATES

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Stevie Nicks – Smiling At You

Stevie Nicks - "Smiling At You" (Young Edits Going Home Version) from Pyry Lepistö on Vimeo.

Sometimes, the vibe just means everything.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Toffer - Nattbuss (Cocotaxi Remix)

Our Stockholm buddies in Cocotaxi offers a great, bassheavy remix of Swedish rapper Toffers debut single, it's free to download, so grab it now!

Toffer - Nattbuss (Cocotaxi Remix) by COCOTAXI

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Ansiktet - X (Sticky Stockholm Remix)

Boom! Fresh out the box Sticky bootleg! Cop it, its a free dl, probably best used as a dj-tool in a tropical och tribal set.

Ansiktet - X (Sticky Stockholm Remix) by Sticky Stockholm

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LOL Boys - Bubbles

For gods sake do not miss out on this one! Cop it over at the Cocobass-label!

LOL Boys - Bubbles by LOL Boys

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Das Glow & Para One - Pulsar/Freeze

Now this one I've been looking forward to ever since that Marble-"coming attractions"-mix was posted on Soundcloud earlier this spring. It sure as hell doesn't disapoint either. While "Freeze" sounds like the kind of awesome techno romp one would expect from theese two producers, "Pulsar" is quite the opposite. Fast paced yet laidback and almost austere in it's production. And has the best vocal sample you've heard in a long time. AND it has a cousin, on acid!

(MRBL008) Das Glow & Para One - Pulsar / Freeze by Marble Music

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Samo Soundboy - Shuffle Code

Samo Sound Boy - Shuffle Code from Trouble & Bass on Vimeo.

This video is amazing, this track is beyond dope!

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Released today: Sticky Stockholm - Go To Church EP

New release - dropped today: Got To Church! Four fat tracks ready to be bought!

Buy it on iTunes.

Selected dj-feedback and support:

"You know is my shit ! Street and deep as i like."

Boom Brothers:
"Damn hard to pick a favorite from four 5-star tracks. BIG RELEASE!"

Daniel Klauser:
"Ooh broo, love! Soulful"

Nah Like:
"We love GO TO CHURCH for its bad boy feeling. Full support."

"Great EP. Can't decide which track I like most. Go To Church or Big Time? Dope is dope too! Youknow as well. So hard to say, but bangin for sure."

"Go To Church - Great chillaxed tune!"


Got to church, or at least, go to a club that looks like a church. Enjoy a fat kick, raise your hands, dance, laugh, buy a diamond. Drink loads of water, tell someone you don't know you love them, eat a late night fajita, move.

There's a new Sticky Stockholm ep out.

Tech house and b-more influenced beats combined with soulful stabs and crispy voice samples, four tracks that feel like a table filled with fresh fruit. Dance floor tunes made to take the crowd to that euphoric place when the club feels like a gospel, sway!

#015: Sticky Stockholm - Go To Church EP by 12-3 Recordings

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Leonardus - "House Muzik"

Simple and fun. With limitless looping and mixing possibilities.

House Muzik (DJ Tool) by LeonardusMusic

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Enkae - Dark Matters (Original Mix)

You need to stay on the look out for Enkae, super talented brittish producer with a special talent for creating those deeper vibes. Hopefully, we'll be able to involve him in the 12-3 catalogue in some way. But for now, enjoy this free gem!

Enkae - Dark Matters (Original Mix) *Free Download* by Enkae

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boys Noize - "Adonis"

The always inspiring Boys Noize needs little introduction, so I'll just let you enjoy his newest release, due in september, without mincing words.

Adonis (preview) by Boys Noize

// Kasp (Orphans)

Axel Boman - Lucky Tiger EP (Glass Table)

Axel Boman - Lucky Tiger EP (Glass Table) from GlassTable on Vimeo.

New magic from Swedish wonderboy Axel Boman!

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DJ Mes - Live @ After Dark

I am totally sold on Oakland-based underground label Guesthouse Music at the moment. It's a melting pot of established mainstay artist and fresh promising talent released by label manager DJ Mes (keep your eyes on his upcoming release with Sonny Fodera).

This massive dj set, recorded live in Portland, Oregon last month, contains lots of that lovely old- and new school mix. Well worth a listen.

Stereo Damage Episode 16 - DJ Mes - Live @ After Dark - 7.23.11 by DJ Mes

// Andy (Orphans)

Doctor Dru & Adana Twins - Juicy Fruit

Doctor Dru & Adana Twins - Juicy Fruit from exploited records on Vimeo.

Superbly dope stuff coming from the Shir Khan and Exploited camp, with their black jukebox series. Makes you happy!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Go To Church - Video Preview


J Paul Getto - "Happy Thoughts"

As it has been pointed out earlier on this blog, Orphans has a soft spot for disco house. And I dare you not to at least stomp your feet to this one.

J Paul Getto delivers smooth, sexy discofunk à la Phantom's Revenge. Yummy.

J PAUL GETTO - Happy Thoughts (Soundcloud Edit) [We Are EP out August 8th on Guesthouse Music] by J Paul Getto

// Andy (Orphans)

Oliver Ton and Ronald Christoph - "Got Them Groovin"

Imagine a drunk jazzband having an afterparty.

Oliver Ton and Ronald Christoph - Got Them Groovin by .Oliver Ton.

// Kasp (Orphans)

TWR72 — Paradox EP (Preview)

More music from the Sound Pellegrino camp is always welcome! This one's a nice surprise. TWR72 drops a four-tracker with kinda the same vibe as the awesome Style Of Eye Ep from 2011, clean yet throbbing. Looking forward!

TWR72 — Paradox EP preview by soundpellegrino

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disconutz & The Disco Starz - "Furunes"

You know how some track just make you, you know, happy?

disconutz vs The Disko Starz - Furunes (lost tracks more to come) all from 2007 by The Disko Starz

// Kasp (Orphans)

Army of Music - "Departure"

No big secret to this one: The orphans LOVE disco house. Sample sounds kind off familiar, but i won't pretend that I'm some kind of disco expert. So, enjoy! I did.

Army of Music - Departure by Army of Music

// Kasp (Orphans)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mendo - "Inocencia"

In the same vibe that his "Aventuras", "Inocencia" has this almost hypnotizing quality to it. Like a groovy chant of some some sort. One might complain that they sound kind of similar. Fudge it, I say. They're both awesome.

// Kasp (Orphans)

Farley Jackmaster Funk - "Love Can't Turn Around (Testarossa Remix)"

Stockholmian retromaestro Testarossa just keeps on delivering, this time with a remix of a true classic.

Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love Can't Turn Around (Testarossa Remix) by Testarossa o

// Kasp (Orphans)

Tempogeist - "There's Nothing"

One of thoose tunes that makes your head bob up and down.

There's Nothing (Out Now on Champagne Records' Parrot Bay vol.1) by Tempogeist

// Kasp (Orphans)

Top Billin - World Gone Club Vol 3

Top Billin drops the third volume of their World Gone Club-comp, and it's the best one out so far!

Be sure to check the tracks by Daniel Klauser, Look Like and Digital Jam!


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Monday, August 15, 2011

Beni - "It's A Bubble"-remixes

The best part about liking dance music is the sheer volume of good stuff out there. No matter how up to date you try to be, something comes along and you're like "whoa, why haven't I heard about this before now?". Case in point:

Som brilliant remixes by Round Table Knight, Dj Sneak and Dimitri From Paris on this one.

It's A Bubble DJ SNEAK REMIX by listentobeni

It's A Bubble DIMITRI VOC REMIX by listentobeni

It's A Bubble ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS REMIX by listentobeni

And to top it off e freebie remix by Hey Sam!. Check it:

It's A Bubble (Hey Sam Remix) - Beni ft Sean Delear & Turbotito by HEY SAM

// Kasp (Orphans)

Nathan Swiss - "Even More"

Some mighty fine filter house fluffyness.

Nathan Swiss - Even More by Nathan Swiss

// Kasp (Orphans)

Douster - Collegiala 3BALL

Douster is withoiyt a doubt one of my alltime faves, production and dj-wise. This is, as it usually is, weirdly awesome, tropical and super dancy!

Douster - Collegiala 3BALL by douster

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THE BOOMCAST #2 (The Boo & Manaré)

Super sweet podcast from Manaré and CleckCleck! Check it!

THE BOOMCAST #2 (The Boo & Manaré) by ClekClekBoom

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

DJ Sneak - Snatch! 18

What can I possibly say that you haven't already figured out yourself by now? Snatch! (great releases) + Dj Sneak (as always, great) = ... well, greatness. Don't miss out on the Ramon Tapia remix, while you're at it.

SNATCH! 018 DJ SNEAK EP (OUT ON BEATPORT!!) by Snatch! Records

// Kasp (Orphans)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Myrryrs - Feel U EP

And our friends in Discobelle Records drops yet another big one! This is mellow in a powerful clubby kind of way, and, pay special attention to the Samo Soundboy and Bambounou remixes!

Myrryrs - Feel U EP by discobelle

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Gaiser - "Some Slip"

Minimal and incredibly bouncy. Just listen to that bassline! Fantastic.

// Kasp (Orphans)

Moonchild - Moon Jams Vol. 1

Prepping for the weekend with a massive mixtape from Moonchild. Lots of goodness in this one.

Moon Jams Vol. 1 by Moonchild

// Kasp (Orphans)

Prince Club - Body Holly

Some tunes are so dope they just crave that extra attention!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bosstone - XXX (Les Petits Bruits Exclusive Mix)

The Petits Bruits Mixtape series usually provides dope stuff, and this is no exception - enjoy the Bosstone Mix!

Bosstone - XXX (Les Petits Bruits Exclusive Mix) by Les Petits Bruits

// Sticky

Night Drugs - "Running Away"

Quality stuff from first-rate duo Night Drugs. It's free to download as well.

Running Away by Night Drugs

// Andy (Orphans)

Tai - Autum mixtape

Some really nice tunes in Tai's autum mixtape. Hardhitting techno tracks in this one. So if you're in a mellow state, don't bother.


// Kasp (Orphans)

Wollion - Daddy's Cadillac

Did someone say house?

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