Friday, June 28, 2013

12-3 Mixshow 057 - Arnheim

12-3 Mixshow 057 - Arnheim by 12-3 Recordings on Mixcloud

I'm suuuper proud to present Arnheim as a new signing on the label, entering our catalogue with a crazy good ep early August! Get to know him through his very first mixshow.

// Ruben

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Released: Ruben Brundell - You You Remixes EP

The You You remixes are out! Hot and heavy!

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When duty calls, the core troopers step up - Jonas Isaksson, The Orphans and Pierre Grall provides a remix each for the springtime bass-heavy track You You, delivered by Ruben Brundell early May this year. The main author himself ending the EP with a low key VIP.

The orgininal gets a real twist, but keeps the focus on that thumping vibe through the Leav re-work, Uppsalas finest lets the bassline do the talking with this juggernaut of a track. Kasper Nowakowski and Andreas Lindman gives us a perfect contrast with their moogy techno-remix, a hands-to-the-roof jewel. Pierre Grall goes all out, pump, club, Maschine-toms with his udeniably heavy remix.

Four huge productions in one of the best remix ep:s we've dropped to date - enjoy!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dimitry Liss - To The Moon EP

Brilliant stuff coming on IA Records! Been including most of this EP in my recent Podcasts for 12-3, for those of you who's been paying attention. Needs to be checked! Pure talent!

// Ruben

Monday, June 24, 2013

Announcement: Ruben Brundell - You You Remixes EP

We're back! Techno, deep house and some UK-vibe bass on this EP containing four remixes of You You, which dropped beginning of May: Leav, Orphans and Pierre Grall on remix duty - Drops the 26 of June!

Friday, June 21, 2013

12-3 Mixshow 056 - Orphans STHLM

New, cracking podcast from The Orphans! Lets go!

// Ruben Brundell

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Coming on 12-3: You You Remixed, Harkan and Leav

Some brilliant stuff coming up on 12-3 the coming weeks! Here's the run through!

An EP with remixes of my bass-heavy track You You will be released next week, Leav, Orphans and Pierre Grall on remix-duty. Expect Techno and some UK Bass in a nice cocktail.

Following: The next Cuts-release is a pretty amazing track from new signing Harkan, I'm more than sure this one will blow up.

Finally, Leav is back with four new productions, where summery deep house-jewel Keep On is one fantastic piece of music.

Lets unwrap these gifts!

// Ruben Brundell

Saturday, June 15, 2013

12-3 Mixshow 055 - Ruben Brundell

It's Podcast-time people! Catch all the coming You You-remixes in this one!

// Ruben

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Released: The 12-3 Recordings 2013 Summer Sampler

Summer is here! Time to catch up on what you missed!

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It's sampler time!

As june hits us in full effect - we've collected the very best, most outstanding tracks from the 12-3 spring catalogue in a big bag in box of Rosévin - this is the most delicious meal you'll get served this summer. We do feel that we're getting better by the hour, and this sampler bears witness - excellence all the way through.

All these tracks makes me incredibly proud, from the furosious Lake by Leav to the perfect vibes in the Neitee & Yeutta-beauty Ten, from the pounding groove in Le Blamage by The Orphans to the sweetnes in the deep gem Early Morning Melancholia by J.Op and J. Herbert. The raw house-vibes in Goes Back by Pierre Grall to the uplifting Bask-remix by Kapstaden. I'm so, so lucky to work with a group of talented people like this.

This first part of 2013 has been amazing for us as a label, and we'll no doubt keep keeping on for the rest of the year. So with this sampler, catch up on what you missed, and enjoy a bunch of rather brilliant house tracks!

// Ruben Brundell

Monday, June 10, 2013

Announcement: The 12-3 Recordings 2013 Summer Sampler

As spring has turned to full out summer, it's time to release this years Summer Sampler, a round up of what made the first six months on 12-3 so great! Get ready!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boys Noize – Starwin

I wasn't crazy about the last Boys Noize album. Or, well... I thought it was outright boring to be frank. But he's back in good form on his forthcoming Ep. "Go Hard" is balls to the wall jumpstyle techno, yeah maybe not my favourite genre. But B-side "Starwin" is something else entirely. Funky, jumpy with a great melodic sample.

// Kasp (Orphans)

Leav - A Great Day EP (Free DL)

Super productive homie Leav dropped a free (yes - freeee!) EP on his Soundcloud yesterday. Some quality tunes in there, where Wend is my jam, the stand out-track. Needs to be checked out!

// Ruben

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Released: Ruben Brundell - I Know You / Nonstop

Half time in the first year of our Cuts-series - two quality house tracks out for your enjoyment!

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The I Know You / Nonstop EP will perfectly tie together the first six months of Cuts-releases, the experiment with monthly two-track packages has been great fun releasing - something we'll continue to do, rest assured.

And so, two straight forward house productions will define the sixth chapter of the series. Ruben Brundell provides that deep ambiance, a midnight-groove and a peak time-production for those thirsty crates of yours - a classic lead and some rather cinematic chords defines this release.

The Cuts-series keeps it clean - straight up house music ready to be played.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Announcement: Ruben Brundell - I Know You / Nonstop EP

More deep house and heavy toms coming - 12-3 Cuts part 6 is here the 5th of June!