Monday, December 30, 2013

12-3 Recordings 2013 Winter Sampler

We're going out with a bang as we're ending the year with a powerful Winter Sampler! See you on the other side!


Winter is here! As usual, we conclude the year with our Winter Sampler, filled with the best tracks of the second half of the last 365 days.

So, here they are, the very finest tracks from the 12-3 autumn catalogue in a big påse of godis. This is the coolest xmas gift you'll get this year kids, excellence all the way through.

These are all amazing pieces of music, from Arnheims silky househit Talk To Me to the deep sea, salty sweet vibes in the Leav-groover Keep On. From the sizable Orphans-stomper Fluids to the impeccable vibes in masterpiece The Flow from new guy Solid District. There's a bit of garage in there as well, to be found in both my solo production Give It and mine and Leav's lil chef d'ouvre Told You, together with a glowing remix from Kasptaden, and the analogue caramel When That Day Comes, this makes for a luscious mix.

I feel genuinely greatful to work with a group of talented individual like these, this second half of 2013 has been superb to us as a label. So with this Sampler, catch up on what you missed, and follow us in to 2014 - it's going to be majestic.


Friday, December 27, 2013

12-3 Mix 083 - Ruben Brundell - End Of The Year Mix

12-3 Mix 083 - Ruben Brundell by 12-3 Recordings on Mixcloud

Here it is - the 2013 roundup-mix - All tracks included are from the TwelveThree catalogue, released throughout the year. I've included the essentials, the biggest tracks and the sweetest productions.

I might have missed out on including one or two gems, but that's only because we've released such a ridicolous ammount of amazing music during this year.

Enjoy one hour of pure and proper 12-3 pleasure,

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Released: Solid District - L.U.V / The Flow EP

We released some brilliant and beefy house from Mexico's Solid District today!


Getting good, like really good demos is rare, getting these two tracks sent to me was a pleasant surprise however. Their quality and joyfulness just seemed impossible to ignore, to my great delight. So I signed Solid District (a super nice Mexican guy called Fernando Mendoza) right there on the digital spot.

L.U.V and The Flow are two splendid deep house tracks. The A-side is a playfull tune bursting with groove, while B-side The Flow is a heavier production, beefy and big. Both of them work like a charm when played out. Dancing is guaranteed.

Shortly put: You'll have a blast with these two.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Purple Disco Machine – Funk Ep

If you don't like OFF Recordings, you don't like house music. Simple as that. They've had an awesome release schedule in 2013 and their rooster continues to deliver top notch releases. Just to prove my point, here's the latest offering from Purple Disco Machine.

// Kasper

Monday, December 16, 2013

Announcement: Solid District - L.U.V / The Flow

We're introducing a new face to the label this week, you all will get to know Mexican producer Solid District through a pretty terrific two-tracker, get excited!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

12-3 Label Night: Ljunggren 14-12-2014

There's a big and happy 12-3 Party happening tonight in Stockholm! Me and Orphans at the decks all night at Ljunggren, this is where you need to be if you're in town!

Full info here.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Released: Arnheim - Talk To Me / Hypnotism Remixed EP

And they are out! Peep the Arnheim-remixes right here!

About: I was overwhelmed with the recognition and appreciation people had for the two EPs we've released thus far by Arnheim, so the release of these remixes feels well legitimate. And it's only logical that the combined talents of a first-rate line-up like this, and the exceptional ground work laid out by Arnheim would end up in one exquisite ep.

Talk To Me comes in two new versions: J.Op shows off his brilliance once more, through a subtle, dandy remix. Me, I'm combining some handsome stabs with that bass you all know by know. Leav and Orphans goes to work on the latest bomb-track from Arnheim, Hypnotism. Jonas Isaksson gives us yet another house-anthem, and the Orphans adds a new dimension with their spaced out, top-notch remix.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Announcement: Arnheim - Talk To Me / Hypnotism Remixed

We're releasing a pretty fantastic Remix-EP this week, as Arnheim gets reworked. Remixes coming from J.Op, Orphans, Leav and me!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

12-3 Mix 080 - Arnheim

12-3 Mix 080 - Arnheim by 12-3 Recordings on Mixcloud

Next week we're dropping a bunch of dope remixes of the Arnheim tracks Talk To Me and Hypnotism, but for now, enjoy a mix from the producer himself, and catch the Leav remix in there!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Coming on 12-3: Arnheim, Solid District and the 2013 Winter Sampler

The end of a great year is getting closer, and we're finishing off with a bang. The last three releases of 2013 are all great stuff.

The next week, we'll drop the long awaited remix ep of the Arnheim-tracks Talk To Me and Hypnotism, we have a big line up on remix duty, new versions coming from J.Op, Leav, Orphans STHLM and me.

Following, we're introducing a new face on the label, brilliant Mexican producer Solid District provides us with two fantastic tracks for the last Cuts of the year.

Finally, we'll wrap up the year in traditional style, with our Winter Sampler. Loads of goodies!

Look forward!