Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coming on 12-3 - Döden, Leav and Ruben Brundell

As always, we've got some very shiny gems coming on 12-3 - here's whats coming up!

Banging tech-house with a twist, proper magic deep house and vocals to die for. The three coming releases on twelve three will both satisfy and surprise!

12-3 Recordings 051, next one up (release the 6th of March), is a creative three-track EP from Malmö-based producer Döden. A very nice debut on the label, where the balance between heavy techno and sweet house music stays perfect. Following the week after is the third Cuts-installment, two perfect deep house-tracks from our very MVP: Leav.

Three weeks from now, 123REC052 comes with three pieces of very danceable house from me, where vibes and vocals is the main focus, as I like it.

Good times await!

// Ruben Brundell

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Djedjotronic - Kaiko

A thumper of a release from BNR. Some 100 releases in and they still put out stellar stuff.

// Kasp (Orphans)

Friday, February 22, 2013

12-3 Mixshow 040 - Leav

12-3 Mixshow 040 - Leav by 12-3 Recordings on Mixcloud

Friday is here! Get in the right mood with another part of our lovely Podcast - mixed by the awesome Leav!

// Ruben

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Released today: Leav - Glance EP

Leav is back! Ready to enjoy his best work to date? Check it!

Buy Glance EP on iTunes!


Leav is constantly on the move - one of many things we love about him. With his third full EP on the label, he makes a giant leap towards the deeper side of things. Perfecting the snares, making the kick punchier then ever before, the stabs lovlier - he's simply giving us more of what we allready like so much.

These tracks are made in a perfect world where New York and Berlin are the same place. Be it high tempo tech house through A-side Lake or deep anthems like Glance or Scouldour - Jonas Isaksson provides proper quality all the way through.

With this release, he no doubt provides his best work to date. Four dope pieces, made with the dancefloor in the scope - carefully road tested in the clubs and finally mixed to perfection. See this as one ultimate set of weapons.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

12-3 Spotify List #15

New Spotify list to brighten up your tuseday right here! Tracks from the label in a sweet mix with som rather banging house music from some of our favourite producers.

Have a listen here!

// Ruben

Monday, February 18, 2013

Announcement: Leav - Glance EP

Jonas Isaksson will be back on the label with his third full EP this week - four mind blowing tracks coming up! Release date: the 20th of february. Get ready for the best Leav-release to date!

Friday, February 15, 2013

12-3 Mixshow 039 - Orphans STHLM

12-3 Mixshow 039 - Orphans STHLM by 12-3 Recordings on Mixcloud

Friday people! We have a super nice, new podcast ready for you right here - mixed by the lovely Orphans!

// Ruben

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Released today: 12-3 Cuts 002 - Ruben Brundell

The second part of our Cuts-series is out as of now! Check it!

Buy 12-3 Cuts 002 on iTunes!


The second release marked with the Cuts-label is a straight up deep thing from label boss Ruben Brundell. One track focuses on the classic, thumping bassline, the other one on some equally classic Rhodes-vibes.

Carefully picked vocal cuts sprinkle the tracks, snares and hats makes the beat move forward. Made to hit your digital crate directly, and then stay there for a long, long time. The concept remains the same - easy access, a-side/b-side, quality and instant fun.

12-3 Cuts 002 is a quick-pick made with a lot of heart: A perfect second part of the 12-3 Cuts-series.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Suol046: Sven von Thülen - Beginnings EP

Beautiful music coming on the always amazing Suol label, this rather merciless EP from Sven von Thülen really makes me move, Those Days And Nights being the stand out-track if you ask me. Suprising, dancy and dope, with a bass to die for.

This will be played!

// Ruben

Monday, February 11, 2013

Announcement: Ruben Brundell - Just Want To / Let Me EP

The second part of the Cuts-series will drop this wednesday, two tracks for your monthly pick up! Kickbass and rhodes, vocal samples and big hats. Lets go!

Friday, February 8, 2013

12-3 Mixshow 038 - Ruben Brundell

12-3 Recordings 038 - Ruben Brundell by 12-3 Recordings on Mixcloud

It's that time of the week - when life gets a little bit more fun. Best way to start it? With a brand new 12-3-Podcast!

// Ruben

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Released today: Pierre - You Again EP

Big news as the amazing Pierre Grall releases his debut EP through 12-3! Out today!

By the You Again EP on iTunes!


Pierre Grall is making his solo debut on Twelve-Three with this raw three track-affaire - he's no newbie to the label though. After several years of producing as a duo (which he still does) as part of the Neitee & Yeutta-project, including one acclaimed remix for 12-3 a year ago, this will mark his first strides producing by himself.

Pierre has been busy lately, getting attention and props for his Brest-based recedency as well as mixing it up through a couple of dope and most appriciated podcasts. We're beyond glad to have him on the label - the debut bringning highclass, rugged house music to our catalogue. This is mos def going to turn dancefloors downside up.

Each track steadily pushes forward, merciless and rough, fun and fresh. Just like we love it. Bottled beer, neon lights and carelessness in a three-track-package. The House-game is going to get much more intressting with Pierre Grall in it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sunny Galaxy - Voyages EP

This one has been going non-stop in my ears lately. Fantastic!

// Kasp (Orphans)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Announcement: Pierre - You Again EP

Yes! We've got another label debut coming up! Pierre Grall, one half of the dope Neitee & Yeutta-duo, will provide three fantastic house tracks for us at Twelve-Three. To drop the 6th of february!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sticky Stockholm (Ruben Brundell) - City Love (Orphans STHLM Remix)

This was supposed to be on a remix EP that never was. Since we already had started work on it and had the stems we thought "well maybe we'll just finish it anyway and give it away for free".

Then an EP came between us and completion of this remix. And another one. AND one more still.

So, after almost a year of work it's done, and still free; our remix of Ruben's (or Sticky Stockholm as he was called back then) fantastic "City Love". Enjoy!

// Kasp (Orphans)

Friday, February 1, 2013

12-3 Mixshow 037 - Pierre

12-3 Mixshow 037 - Pierre by 12-3 Recordings on Mixcloud

Friday time means podcast time! To celebrate the brilliant EP coming from Pierre Grall next week, we're giving you a tasty one hour Podcast from the frenchie himself! Including his track Side, to be released coming wednesday. Enjoy!

// Ruben