Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Released today: Orphans STHLM & Sticky Stockholm - Battle Moose EP

Finally - the Orphans and Sticky co-op bomb is here, cop it asap!

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Selected DJ-feeback and support:

Dooze Jackers:
"Good ep ! Battle moose is our favorite, thx ! Much love!"

Calle Dernulf:
"Das beat är spåret för mig. Enkelt avskalat och rått funky!"

Ben Mono:
"Great production, deep but straight forward ..."

Nah Like:
"Pretty cool hypno vibe on BATTLE MOOSE. Great track!"

Little Big:
"Both tracks sounding really special. Will definately play in my sets"


This might be a story about a moose, or Germany, or both. It could also be the vain effort to draw a submarine with music. It should make you feel like a whale filled with rusty hihats.

Orphans STHLM and Sticky Stockholm produce a co-op EP, making heavy use of tools like super fast internet connections, movie posters and bad coffee machines. Randomly destroying each others carefully programmed Korg patterns, the result is without surprise: brilliant.

#017: Orphans STHLM & Sticky Stockholm - Battle Moose / Das Beat EP by 12-3 Recordings

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