Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Released today: Sticky Stockholm - Fat Fish EP

New Sticky Stockholm EP out today!

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Selected DJ-feeback and support:

"Wicked EP!!!"

La Folie Douce:
"Very nice ep. Corals is definitely our favorite."

Chris Mojek:
"Couldn't decide between Tuna & Corals for fav. Love the underwater vibes, the seapunk movement will really appreciate this. Splash!"

Nightdrive Miami:
"I love the bassline in Corals but Tuna is just as captivating. These are great tracks to start my DJ sets with. Very chill stuff, I like it!"

"Very flowy tech-house!"


Because house music should be fun:

Fun 1:

A fishy Ep - Themed tunes, simillar in many ways, rich with contrast in others, four of them. The new Sticky Stockholm EP is called Fat Fish, bubble house for your under water rave.

Fun 2:

Techno dance off - Tuna and Trout, upbeat techno tracks. Both resting on a heavy Korg tom, pitched voices constructing a melody, and a straight off-and-on structure: that hithat-clap mode, alternating with the stripped down, heavy waterfall feeling parts.

Fun 3:

Sleepy fish - Lagoon and Corals take the EP in another direction. Mellow tech house productions, low end hits and wailing voice cuts versus heavy breath samples. Two pieces for a floor that goes deep.

Lets take a swim!

#022: Sticky Stockholm - Fat Fish EP - [PREVIEW - Release 30-11-2011] by 12-3 Recordings

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