Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Released today: Sticky & Sandy - Blind Tiger EP

New Sticky & Sandy EP out today, filled with tight productions, sweet samples and undeniable groove - Four place-themed tracks to make you dance!

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Selected DJ-feeback and support:

Orphans STHLM:
"Montauk might as well have been done by Angelo Badalamenti for Twin Peaks. Epic tune!"

"New Orléans for me ! BIG!"

Jack Posada:
"Cool sampling material, def will play it loud! Coney Island is a stand-out for me!"

"Cool old school vibes, love the variety of regional flavors. Nice release!"

Chris Mojek:
"Great stuff guys. Coney & Montauk are super cool!"


Romantizing the Speakeasy era is done by many, a time of age strangely glorified, since it sprung from a depression. It's aesthetics is featured in endless rap songs, being written about in books, captured during the film noir era and beyond and finally getting its major revival in the beginning of this millenia.

This is not that strange, perhaps, we do face many simillarities with those of the Speakeasy-epoch: the crisis of the world economy being the main one.

This Sticky & Sandy-EP aims for those backyard hidden bars, late nights with to much whisky, to reenact a perfectly stirred Old Fashioned through sound waves. Digging in the crates, choosing wildly from crackly samples and manic flutes, adding a contemporary touch and making it all house music, the vibes alone should be enough to make you dance your troubles away.

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