Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Released today: Orphans STHLM - Limbo Remixes EP

Voila! Here it is, four remixes to follow up the smashing Orphans STHLM Limbo EP from this winter - The Orphans themselves, Stockholm-homie Alca Pwnd, Chicagos House of Royalty and Sticky provides reworks of their blessed tracks!

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Selected DJ-feeback and support:

Robby Howler:
"Alca pwnd remix is big, support!"

"Limbo (House of Royalty Remix) is my favorite. Really love the old school feeling!"

"Dope! Limo VIP Mix is the one for me!"

Mario Conte:
"Nice ep! Sci+fi (sticky stockholm remix) for me!"

Laura Of Miami:
"Delicious is right! Great versatility with the remixes and they're all danceable. Will definitely support this."



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