Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Released: Leav - Jesper EP

We've been looking forward to releasing this one, four new and amazing tracks from Leav - out today!

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Following the developement of Jonas Isaksson as a DJ, producer and musician has been thrilling. He's constantly reaching for something new, looking for that next creative burst. Sounds kliché-like, but it's more true for Jonas than anyone.

In his travels as Leav so far, he's been heading towards the deeper side of things mostly, sprinkling his productions with a lil extra dosage of bass here and there, however, this is is truly his new shape. Somewhere between deep house and timeless pop music, perfectly blending recognizable elements with a very personal, intimite feeling, we get Click and Spot On. Emmotive and creative, dancefloor ready and tight, most of all, it's impossible to not get mooved by these tracks.

The Yang to these excellent productions is Over and Dubs, modern day and age tech-house, deep and well heavy, packed with rhythm, ready to be played, obviously. Pure talent, great music.

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