Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Released: Ruben Brundell - Get EP

First release of the year is out!


We're starting this year just like we started the last one - with a release from me.

Vocal hooks, the right ammount of catchy, and a big dosage of bass. 4x4 for your feet, simply put. Get is one of those tracks I've been playing plenty in my sets the last couple of months, to great success each and every time. And I do feel I got the flow going just the way I wanted it with this one.

Pursuing the title track comes three fresh ones, I'm real happy with the diversity on this ep. Tough is a barefaced and direct house track, a questionless dancefloor ticker, juxtaposed with Communicate, a life-and-mind deep house track, ticklish stabs and warm bass included. Backfire finishes the ep off on another house-trip, a prime cut M1-flirt.

Club tracks for happy people, simple as that!

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