Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Released today: Orphans STHLM - Brost EP

As the Orphans go summer vibes 2.0, we enter august with our 37th release ever. Four tracks combining rough disco productions with arena-feeling throw back-vibes. Out today!

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Some know them as Stockholm's happiest DJ-duo, others as Kasper and Andy, they have been described as the house game Batman and Robin (we'll let them argue about who's who) and they're back with four happy tracks, late summer-vibes and that delicious Orphans STHLM-groove we all adore.

A-side Let You Go is a mixtape favourite, a perfect match in any set. Follow up Floored has been hyped since early june, and the tracks to follow explore a more disco side of the boys musical minds.

All of the tracks crafted in the legendary Orphans STHLM studio/gaming-room, where musical creativity and intense beat 'em up-sessions merges in a cosmic symbiosis. Ingenious indeed - that's how the key to happy house music is forged.

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