Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Released today: Spoonz - African Alien EP

Antoher fantastic debut on 12-3, as we welcome Brendan Witherspoon to the label: 4 dope tracks, released today!

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Another debut to take place on 12-3, this one is bound to be the stuff of legend. Brendand Witherspoon, aka Spoonz has that raw talent we're always looking for. Once we discovered this fella, we moved hyper-fast. Being a DJ, producer and a cool guy with a healthy disrespect towards genre and a deep, deep love for house music, it makes him the top prospect in our 2012 draft.

Spoonz combines styles and flavour without ever loosing focus of the dancefloor, be it classic house grooves or mega garage vibes, it's all made with impressive focus and real musicality. Being able to combine that rather rare skill set with the capability to constantly surprise us in his productions, this is one of those DJ:s that just fits our mentality perfectly.

With a big smile and a round of applause we welcome Spoonz to 12-3, it feels just about right to salute Brendan Witherspoon as a true craftsman of excellent dance music. Expect more magic in the future.

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