Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Released today: Chris Mojek - Your Touch EP

Chris Mojek finally releasing his first solo EP, and we're mega happy to host it! Out today!

Buy the release on iTunes!


With two split EP:s on 12-3, made with Chicago-based partner in crime House of Royalty, and the mega hyped Community Service Mixtape by Preston San and Mojek being fully produced by Chris himself - Mojek is no newbie to the game.

Yet this is his solo debut (we're extremely lucky to release it!).

Chris Mojek, young talented DJ and producer from Chi-town provides four tracks in a balanced EP, reflecting all of his creativity, cleverness and skill. Modern club music-vibes, without boundaries, bouncy just like we love it.

That healthy disrespect towards genre is there, making this a release where stunning tech-house tunes fit perfectly with majestic club tracks and a dope rap track featuring Preston San. If you didn't know about this mastermind already, this should be the definitive eye opener.

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