Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Released today: Sticky Stockholm - Good So Feel EP

4 new Sticky tracks, fresh like freshly squeezed juice! Out today!

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The recipe for tasty, freshly squeezed juice is quite simple actually, though a perfect end result is really hard to achieve.

For the final product to come out right, the raw fruits/vetgables needs to be of the best possible kind, the making of the juice needs to be made with perfect vision, great precission and lots of love - the peeling careful, the squeezing firm. Do not underestimate the importance of a cool glass when pouring the juice, add the right ammount of ice cubes, because fresh juice should always be consumed chilled by ice cubes.

When mastering this process perfectly, allmost any combination of fruits or vetgables would make a great juice: kiwis or carrots, oranges or grape fruits. Mix and match till you've found that perfect combination - and then drink loads of it, every day.

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