Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Released today: The 12-3 Recordings 2012 Winter Sampler

Our very special christmas gift is here - the best tracks from this second half of 2012 wrapped up in a nice package - topped up with a brand new original from Leav! Enjoy!

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Winter is here! And with it, this 2012 12-3 Winter Sampler.

The best tracks from the 12-3 autumn catalogue in a big bag of Gott & Blandat, and a brand new jewel of a house track from Leav to top it up - this is the best xmas gift you'll get this year. There's something for everyone here, quality all the way through, a round up of what makes 12-3 great.

Each single track makes me blush with pride, from Chris Mojek's lovely deep anthem Swim to the relentless groove in Abbeville by The Orphans. I'm incredibly happy to work with a bunch of talented people like this, this second half of 2012 has been really great to us as a label. So with this Sampler, catch up on what you missed, enjoy a new gem by Leav and follow us in to 2013 - it's going to be magic.

// Ruben Brundell

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