Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Released today: Leav - World EP

We're back!

The follow up from Jonas Isaksson, who made his acclaimed debut on the label earlier this autumn, is here. This tasty four-tracker is a stripped down story we're all the sounds seems put in just the right place - fits our catalogue perfectly!

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Leav keeps it amazing - This being his mere sophmore release, we still feel like this guy came from nowhere and became the discovery of 2012. A tastemaker and skilled producer, a dedicated musician and a cool guy, his second ever EP will blow you into tiny, tiny, tiiiiny bits and pieces.

Four tracks (one more than the first one) to step it up, World is that release. With a near manic production flow and a never dying enthusiasm to explore and re-invent himself - Jonas Isaksson just doesn't dissapoint. This release gives us the whole damn package, deep house (with a touch of techno) at it's very finest. Innovative percussion patterns, low key chords and happy stabs. Most of all, it gives us a darn good, howling title track called World.

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