Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Released: Leav - Bask EP

Feels like summer finally is on its way - as Jonas Isaksson drops this fantastic EP - where Bask is the obvious stand out track!

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As long as Jonas Isaksson stays hyper active, we stay gratefull - The new Leav EP refines his already close-to-perfect-fresh-to-death-concept. Leav is adding new influences carefully, constantly searching for that Guide Michelin recipe. And we kinda feel he's allready there. Music so delicious it needs to be heard. We're truly proud to release this EP, to be able to provide the framework for music of this quality.

With this fourth full release, Leav takes us on a journey through heavy stabs and steel drums. The smashing A-side Bask will be played alot this spring/summer, fresh like cherry trees in blossom, sounding like a true banger without ever compromising, well, anything really. Integrity stays at a good 100% with the follow up tracks. Attack being well deep, Scent feeling like an instant golvvältare and Small House being a trademarked Leav tech house-monster.

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