Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Released: Orphans STHLM - The Cake Remixes EP

The remixes of the Orphans STHLM hit The Cake are out! Three variations of a fantastic original!

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Ready for the follow-up? The Orphans STHLM happy-smasher from late 2012 gets three remixes in a tight pack.

The original hit a home run with radio play all over, getting props from Poland to South Korea, here's the re-match. French house-connaisseur and 12-3 new guy Pierre Grall opens this EP with a proper stomper of a remix, adding a bunch of groove, re-arranging the vocals perfectlyt. Leav follows up with a trademarked bass heavy affaire. A super effective remix, dance floor-ready as it is. 12-3-boss Ruben Brundell finishes the EP with a deep track, no break-downs needed in this one, a rolling bassline and some rather uplfifting stabs takes turns in this straight up house affaire.

The 12-3-style smörgåsbord is back.

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