Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Released: Ruben Brundell - You You Remixes EP

The You You remixes are out! Hot and heavy!

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When duty calls, the core troopers step up - Jonas Isaksson, The Orphans and Pierre Grall provides a remix each for the springtime bass-heavy track You You, delivered by Ruben Brundell early May this year. The main author himself ending the EP with a low key VIP.

The orgininal gets a real twist, but keeps the focus on that thumping vibe through the Leav re-work, Uppsalas finest lets the bassline do the talking with this juggernaut of a track. Kasper Nowakowski and Andreas Lindman gives us a perfect contrast with their moogy techno-remix, a hands-to-the-roof jewel. Pierre Grall goes all out, pump, club, Maschine-toms with his udeniably heavy remix.

Four huge productions in one of the best remix ep:s we've dropped to date - enjoy!

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