Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Released: The 12-3 Recordings 2013 Summer Sampler

Summer is here! Time to catch up on what you missed!

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It's sampler time!

As june hits us in full effect - we've collected the very best, most outstanding tracks from the 12-3 spring catalogue in a big bag in box of Rosévin - this is the most delicious meal you'll get served this summer. We do feel that we're getting better by the hour, and this sampler bears witness - excellence all the way through.

All these tracks makes me incredibly proud, from the furosious Lake by Leav to the perfect vibes in the Neitee & Yeutta-beauty Ten, from the pounding groove in Le Blamage by The Orphans to the sweetnes in the deep gem Early Morning Melancholia by J.Op and J. Herbert. The raw house-vibes in Goes Back by Pierre Grall to the uplifting Bask-remix by Kapstaden. I'm so, so lucky to work with a group of talented people like this.

This first part of 2013 has been amazing for us as a label, and we'll no doubt keep keeping on for the rest of the year. So with this sampler, catch up on what you missed, and enjoy a bunch of rather brilliant house tracks!

// Ruben Brundell

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