Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Released today: Leav - Escargot EP

A new debut to take place on 12-3! Uppsala-DJ Leav providing three majestic house tracks, with a sweet touch of techno!

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Leav is the new alias of skilled Swedish DJ/Producer Jonas Isaksson from Uppsala, and we're so happy happy to host his debut under this name. This very first EP on 12-3 contains three brilliant house-tracks with a sweet touch of techno. Well produced indeed, but with a certain roughness to it. Yummy!

Title track Escargot is one of those productions that instantly sticks like glue, while second track Rhombe is the heavy weighter of the EP: nagging bassline/pressurefilled drums. Gnats finishes off the release with a dreamier take on the Leav-style of production. The three tracks are bound together by a pleasant throwback-feeling. The production is most satisfying, everything is put in just the right place and the groove solid like it should be.

Finding a true gem is the best feeling, without any doubt, and we're extremely happy to have found Leav.

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