Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Released today: Sticky Stockholm - The Rhythm EP

The last EP of 2012 from label boss Ruben Brundell is here - four house tracks to get you moving - out as of today!

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Focused fun and dancefloor caliber of different variety but proper quality lead the way in 2012:s last ep from label boss Ruben Brundell. The Rhythm EP is a classic four track-story, straight up relentless house tracks with lots of sugar on top.

A-side title track takes you down nostalgia lane, classic stabs and candy production, sprinkled with a sweet bass and soft voice cut. Straight to the point follow up track Ting Ting comes overloaded with groove. A no fuss affaire. Move On is that jam, bassline and vocal sample being juicy fat, the saucy steak version of a house song.

BB-side Rocks & Stones is a streched out, deep and thumping production. Heavy toms on a clean kick. A four 'o clock zen-track if there ever was one, to be used only when the floor is in full out hypnosis-mood.

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