Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coming on 12-3 - Pierre, Ruben Brundell and Leav

We've got some rather brilliant house music coming up, the three coming releases on Twelve-Three fit together nicelly.

French DJ and Neitee & Yeutta-member Pierre Grall drops his debut EP on our label next week, a certified cool three-tracker. Expect classic sounding house music with a clubby twist, big kicks and urging hats. We're super proud to have this guy on our rooster!

I'll follow up with my first release in the Cuts-series, I'm going vocal based and deep with that one - rhodes and bass.

To top it up, we'll release the third full EP of Leav (in about four weeks time) - It's called Glance and is without any doubt his best work to date. He's taking a dramatic turn towards the deeper side of things, perfecting his snare patterns, and we do appriciate the direction he's heading in!

// Ruben Brundell

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