Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Released today: J.Op - Itso EP

J.Op is back! Four fantastic deep house-tracks are waiting for you, as of now!

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Malmö DJ and swell guy Jonathan Opasiak starts 2013 with his sophmore EP on 12-3, and boy o' boy are we glad so glad to have him back! You do remember right? Jonathan dropped the beautiful Watered Down Wahsed Out EP on 12-3 about a year ago, under the J.Op-alias. And the concept remains as we like it - brilliant deep house for the heart-body-mind.

Jonathan is one productive youngster. Making music for various labels under the name WooBanger, with partner in crime Johannes Herbert, as well as DJ:ing and throwing great parties in his home town, we feel real privileged that he has found the time to produce a cool follow up-release for us.

This in one of those EP:s where feeling is everything, a close-your-eyes-and-dance type of package. Three tracks to walk you down the lane of full fledged emmotions and deep basslines. Take your time listening to this one, and do it carefully.

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