Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Released today: 12-3 Cuts 001

Big day as we start our new Cuts-series today, Leav opening the catalogue!

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Accessibility is the keyword when we happily launch our new series of releases under the Cuts-tag. Nothing changes really, it's still house and techno of the sweetest kind. But with these little caramels, we're keeping it simple and tasty.

Black and white, no more than two tracks on the release. Direct. Just because we love that pick-up-feeling as much as a chunky four track EP. You dig? Once every four weeks, we'll bring a new Cuts-release to you, to cop and play.

A nice little quick fix if anything. Your monthly pick-me-up from the 12-3 camp. We're cool like that. And who'd be better to open this series than the ever so talented Leav? This first release might be a bit different from what we usually do, a side track towards the more bass side of things. But it's fun and furious and we're not the ones to widen our horizons.

Jonas Isaksson keeps it glacier crispy with one bomb of an a-side. One old school-sounding, super heay stab-fest. Try Million is followed up by perfect wind-down-uplifter-techno-track Such Drive, the most excellent way to complete this package. A new side to Leav, sounding delicious as always.

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