Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Released today: Pierre - You Again EP

Big news as the amazing Pierre Grall releases his debut EP through 12-3! Out today!

By the You Again EP on iTunes!


Pierre Grall is making his solo debut on Twelve-Three with this raw three track-affaire - he's no newbie to the label though. After several years of producing as a duo (which he still does) as part of the Neitee & Yeutta-project, including one acclaimed remix for 12-3 a year ago, this will mark his first strides producing by himself.

Pierre has been busy lately, getting attention and props for his Brest-based recedency as well as mixing it up through a couple of dope and most appriciated podcasts. We're beyond glad to have him on the label - the debut bringning highclass, rugged house music to our catalogue. This is mos def going to turn dancefloors downside up.

Each track steadily pushes forward, merciless and rough, fun and fresh. Just like we love it. Bottled beer, neon lights and carelessness in a three-track-package. The House-game is going to get much more intressting with Pierre Grall in it.

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