Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Released today: Leav - Glance EP

Leav is back! Ready to enjoy his best work to date? Check it!

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Leav is constantly on the move - one of many things we love about him. With his third full EP on the label, he makes a giant leap towards the deeper side of things. Perfecting the snares, making the kick punchier then ever before, the stabs lovlier - he's simply giving us more of what we allready like so much.

These tracks are made in a perfect world where New York and Berlin are the same place. Be it high tempo tech house through A-side Lake or deep anthems like Glance or Scouldour - Jonas Isaksson provides proper quality all the way through.

With this release, he no doubt provides his best work to date. Four dope pieces, made with the dancefloor in the scope - carefully road tested in the clubs and finally mixed to perfection. See this as one ultimate set of weapons.

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