Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coming On 12-3 Recordings - Orphans STHLM, Trust Orchestra and Leav

Spring is getting here, slowly, but it's getting here, and with it, some pretty dope releases on Twelve Three!

Kasper and Andy (The Orphans!) are back (kind of) with a nice three-track remix EP - Pierre Grall, Leav and me on remix duty. The track we remixed? The Cake of course! A warm up for the brand new Orphans-release coming later this spring!

Following is the fourth Cuts-installement, two deepies with a tech house twist from Trust Orchestra.

Finishing off, Leav drops a new massive EP, with a sweet sunrise-feeling title track - House monster Bask will surely blow your minds.

As usual, a strong schedule on our humble label - let's do this!

// Ruben Brundell

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