Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Released: 12-3 Cuts 003 - Leav

Leav is back with a brilliant, deep and dope new Cuts-pack! Enjoy!

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The deepest installment yet from super productive Jonas Isaksson comes with his second Cuts-release. And we do feel he's heading down the very right path with this one.

Creative and focused, two full-fled stompers makes for the third chapter of the Cuts-series. The ambiance is thick and the bass weighs heavy, as per usual. Both 1988 and Hem feel like two of the tastiest tracks we've released in a two piece-package. Stabs and layout magnificent, the snare fitting like hand in glove, the tracks brilliant themselves. 1988 being a proper groove-monster, while Hem is the stomper on this release.

They kind of begs you to be played, don't they? So Leav keeps moving forward in a steady pace, and we're more than happy to follow him along the way.

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