Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Released today: Döden - Elephants EP

We have another amazing debut on the label! Malmö-producer Döden with three fantastic House Techno-tracks on our humble label!

Buy the Elephants EP on iTunes


Döden from Malmö makes his debut on 12-3 with a thrilling three track EP, providing some beautiful techno house full of life. Rugged but fun, emmotional and careless, not caring very much about genre constrictions, the concept fits us perfectly.

All three prodcutions are nicely executed from idea to end product, with Elephants being the obvious stand-out. The title track is a wonderful piece of music, bound to surprise you along the way - a track that'll work just as fine in your headphones as on a big room floor. Döden deserves the utmost respect for equiping us with three stunning productions like these.

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