Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best of 2011 pt. 2 - Sticky Stockholm

Kasper did his list yesterday, in a very well-written, nicely laid out way. Me, im a simple man, and a huge fan of top ten lists, probably cause of my slight Rain Man-tendencies.

The tracks chosen down below is based on a lot of values, but mostly from a dj-booth perspective, it is dance music after all.

So here goes, my top ten tracks of 2011:

1: Luca Lozano – Thug It Out

Luca Lozano - Thug It Out (Original Mix) by Klasse Recordings

There’s so much to say about this track, but let’s begin at the beginning. I was so happy when this first got released, instant crush. The buildup and atmosphere got me urging to play it out. So I did. And as the dance floor reaction to the track shape merged with a peak dj booth vibe I slowly realized how fantastic this track is.

One of the sexiest basslines this year, a delicious yet comforting snare, a powerfull but not exaggerated kick, yep, close-to-perfection. The track of the year, without any doubt.

2: Body Holly – Prince Club

SNATCH012 01. Body Holly - Prince Club Snatch012 (96Kbps Snippet) OUT Feb. 23rd by Prince Club

Early 2011, Prince Club released this track on a three track EP from Riva Starrs Snatch label. Honestly, it took me a while to fully appreciate it, but it grew on me, I started including it in my sets, and I found myself longing to play it. Dance floor-wise, construction-wise and in pure measured dance-effect, this is one of the absolutely best house tracks of this years, undeniably so.

3: Pulsar – Das Glow & Para One

Das Glow & Para One - Pulsar by Marble Music

My 2011 happy track is Pulsar – the disposition is close to perfect, the stabs must be the happiest in a house track, ever. I remember tweeting after the Orphans launching it in one of their sets this year: “Orphans STHLM just dropped Pulsar, and this club turned in to a little slice of heaven”.

4: Orphans STHLM – Eavil

A: Eavil by 12-3 Recordings

This track pretty much sums up the genious of Kasper and Andy, and explains why they’re one of the most frequently released artists on 12-3 Recordings. Eavil is a playful, muscle-track with a drum pattern to die for. The mysterious vibe, deriving mostly from the amazing vocal work, and the indisputable bounce makes it a top five track.

5: Oliver Dollar – Granulated Soul

PID010 - A - Granulated Soul (CLIP) by Made to Play

For a long time, Doin Ya Thang was my Oliver-track on this list, then he dropped this track. Pumping like hell, outclassing his already amazing shelter bomb from earlier this year, taking a classical house sound and putting it in a modern context. Astonishing.

6: Enkae – State 44

BB: State 44 by 12-3 Recordings

Sometimes (allways?), music is all about feeling. When signing this track for a three story EP from UK deep house mastermind Enkae, I was instantly hit by the feel in this production. It took me on a voyage right away, and has been doing the same thing for the club each time I’ve dropped it.

7: High Powered Boys – Work

HIGH POWERED BOYS — Work by soundpellegrino

This is my sing-along-track of 2011. I suppose I look like a moron playing it out, bouncing, goin “oh-eh-eh, eh-no-huh! Huh-eh-ho-hu! Mous-mouse-mouse!” (No idea what the vocal sample is saying), but it makes me real happy! Absurdly good in every way!

8: Homework – Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream by Homework

This is not the track I’ve played the most in my sets, from the already classic Hudson Square EP, but it’s the most delicious out of the four almost perfect productions. So tastefully laid out, with one of this decades best builds, it’s without any doubt a top ten track.

9: Sandy Loops – Wild Horses

Sandy Loops - Wild Horses (That Ronja Track) by Sandy Loops

Every list of this type must contain a proper banger. My wife made the smasher of 2011. And she sampled Ronja (a super famous Swedish childrens movie). It’s a fun track, sure, but it’s also a real effective club track, for when the crowd gets in that tropical mood.

10: Jesse rose – (Where Were You) Last Night (Catz N Dogz & Martin Dawson Remix)

MTP037 Jesse Rose - (Where Were You) Last Night (Catz 'n' Dogz & Martin Dawson remix) by Made to Play

Danciest techno track this year. No doubt. This gem has that terrific Catz N Dogz touch to it, it surprises, and it’s super well produced. I use it all the time, and I’m sure it will follow me in to 2012 as well.

Best non-dance-music-track: Bon Iver – Holocene

If someone gave me a dollar for each time I listened to this jewel, I’d be a billionaire by now. Best track from this years best record!

// Sticky

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