Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best of 2011 pt. 3 – Andy (Orphans)

First of all. To summarize the whole music year in ten tracks is kind of impossible if you really think about it. Especially 2011. Considering the grand amount of awesome tunes that has passed through your ears in the last 365 days it’s a rather frustrating job since new stuff keeps popping up once you start to sort it out.

So I decided to trust my instinct (or memory if you will) and salute the first songs that sprung to mind.

This is what I came up with:

1: Craig Hamilton – Music Pt. 2 (Dimitri Max Strike Out Mix)

Last week I had a nightmare that me and Kasper were doing a set at a club where we only had one track to choose from. If it would’ve been this one it could still be a fantastic night.

2: Norman Zube & Patrick Mark – Azoo

catesse008 - Norman Zube & Patrick Mark - Azoo (Original Mix) by Catesse Records

My old trumpet teacher used to teach all his students to hate the clarinet. ”It’s not worthy of being called an instrument. It’s all noise” he said. Well, this song prove him wrong big time.

3: J Paul Getto – Happy Thoughts

Perhaps THE disco tune of the year. The intro alone is breathtaking.

4: DJ Sneak – My Love (Ramon Tapia Remix)

The achievement of bringing extra funk to the funk master himself must be praised. In this case at fourth place.

5: LBCK – Instant Party (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)

LBCK - Instant Party (The Phantom's Revenge Remix) by The Phantom's Revenge

I had high expectations on the Instant Party EP. Six out of seven tracks were dissapointing. Then there was that last one that saved the day. The Phantom to the rescue, as always.

6: Alca Pwnd – Metabolic Boost

B: Metabolic Boost by 12-3 Recordings

It was a 50/50 draw between this one and Centrifugal Hooks. The cowbells proved to be the decider.

7: Homework – Raw Groove

MTP041 Homework - Raw Groove by Made to Play

It’s all there in the title.

8: Strip Steve & Das Glow – Calcium

Calcium by Das Glow

I can’t believe neither Kasper nor Ruben have mentioned this one already. Without doubt one of the heaviest and dirtiest bea(s)ts of the year.

9: Alexandre Louvré – Love Voyage

Alexandre Louvré - Love Voyage (French House) by Alexandre Louvré

This guy’s been on fire the whole year and one of the most frequent artists on my playlists. Just about any Louvré track would make the cut for this list but I finally decided to go with this one. Sums that brilliant bastard up quite nice.

10: Andhim – Holz Ist

Andhim - Holz Ist by andhim

This little nugget has mellow and groovy written all over it. And those perfectly cut voice samples – dynamite.

And yeah. I've listened to these guys as well:

Best non-dance-music-track:

My Morning Jacket – You Wanna Freak Out

// Andy (Orphans)

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